Here are the books I plan to read for treesofreverie's readathon. We'll see how many I can actually get through, since I have revision and work as well.

I see you’re fond of books. You can always tell by the way people handle them. —W. Somerset Maughman, Of Human Bondage. (via falling-inlove-with-books)
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top shelf read; second shelf stand-alones; third shelf series; bottom shelf classics + swedish.


Let’s go to hogwarts! (by SofiaNowhere∞)

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. 26-365 by Diana Rosin on Flickr.

Reading is my escape from this cruel, grey world where nothing remarkable occurs. —(via sad-g4y-bibliophile)
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by homedoggieo

by Sean Yeh

by sophia_so_far


This latte art looks too good to drink! The barista at The Bookmark book store in Puerto Rico has some impressive skills.

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currently reading

the book thief by markus zusak

in cold blood by truman capote

the house of hades by rick riordan